Rental car

In order to travel properly in Okinawa, I really want to recommend a rental car. You may experience the fortune of meeting a very secret and wonderful destination that is not covered in this book, and you can make the most of your time in minutes, seconds, and seconds.
Japan has difficulty in driving because the road is narrower than Korea and most of the time, the lane is opposite to the left lane. However, if you are not a novice driver, you can easily overcome the half-day time when the road is reversed, and it is easier to drive than Korea because it is a Japanese driving culture that still has concessions and consideration. Of course, if you always drive in the road, keep in mind that you must go to the left side and that you may incorrectly enter the lane.

Car rental reservations must be made in advance in Korea. You can rent a car when you arrive locally, but you will have a plan when you book your ticket. Although everything in the trip is booked in advance, reservations can be made relatively cheaply, and it is recommended to make a reservation at the time of purchase. As a representative car rental brand in Okinawa, Toyota, Rent a car in OkinawaThere are many rental car brands in Okinawa, and you can rent from major airports in Okinawa. Of course, it is common to rent a car at Naha Airport, which is the starting point for most trips. Rental car companies are located a little far from the airport, and shuttle buses run from the airport, so when you come out of the airport and look for a car rental brand logo or sign, you can go to the car rental company without any problems. Sometimes people arrive at the rental car store and wait for a while, but there’s no way to avoid this mess. There is a DFS duty free shop for tourists in Naha city. DFS Duty Free shops have a large selection of car rental brands that can be used for delivery. The DFS Duty Free Shop is connected to Yui Rail Omoromachi Station at Naha Airport, so it’s easy to think about exchanging Yui Rail boarding costs and hassle. Of course, boarding a Yui Rail is a kind of travel experience, and renting at a DFS duty free shop is also recommended in that it is worth looking around.

The northern part of Okinawa has a large area in Okinawa, similar to the combination of central and southern. The northern part is divided into Motobu Peninsula and Yanbaru. The Motobu Peninsula is well developed due to the well-known marine park and Churaumi Aquarium, while the Yanbaru side has less residence and less development. The difference between the south, the central and the north is a natural shape formed by the limitation of traffic. Motobu, including Nago City, the gateway to the northern part of the country, is enjoying the benefits of the marine park park because the Churaumi Aquarium, a tourist spot that is indispensable in Okinawa, is located. The Motobu Peninsula has responded to this by expanding and overhauling roads and the development of large-scale hotel complexes. However, Yanbaru is not exactly where it is, and there are not many tourist attractions except Cape Hado, Hiji Falls, and Daisekirinzan. The Yanbaru Peninsula’s West Sea direction is less, because it also serves as Route 58, which extends to the northern end of the highway connecting Nago City, and the eastern direction of Yanbaru should be quite far, even if Route 70 is. There is no human at all. There are roads on both sides of the Yanbaru Peninsula, and the inside is full of Okinawa’s primeval forest. Perhaps thanks to that, the Yanbaru Peninsula is the place where you can see the true face of Okinawa. In fact, you can experience Okinawa’s primeval forest by trekking at Hiji Falls, and you can see Okinawa’s mysterious nature in Kesashi Bay, which is full of mangroves designated as natural monuments.

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